Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chumby (or, things I really need right now)

My husbands brain runs linux. Really. He even has a website called
He is constantly sourcing code, or writing code. If he isn't busy doing that, then he's listening to podcasts while he works. And when he's at home, he isn't really "at home" unless he's got one ear on the different humming tones of his laptop.

What has this got to do with art, you ask?

Well, his new Linux Journal arrived today. It's really not fair that his magazine subscriptions arrive monthly while I, on the other hand, have to suffer a 3-month wait for my American Artist Watercolor Magazine to arrive quarterly. And let me tell you, this season's edition wasn't even all that exciting.

Linux Journal, by contrast, has a cool front page article about the CHUMBY. It's this adorable little internet alarm clock that has soooo many more uses. (I can just imagine my husband reading this at work right now, frantically searching out linux widgets to make this a viable must-have toy for our household).

Now, this little embedded computer wrapped in a soft squeezable shell is marketed as a web-connected alarm clock. You could wake up and start surfing without leaving the bed. But it's also got the ability to be so much more (like a Kitchen Assistant). Yup - handy dandy little recipe computer that sits on your counter while you cook. No more printing recipes or running back and forth to the computer. (with so many internet devices in our house already, one might wonder why I don't already have the technology to surf the internet in my kitchen, but alas - it's still under development)

Or, of course, I could use it to display my artwork while I cook. And look - it comes with these cute charms. Etsy...are you making Chumby Charms yet?

(see, I told you it was about art)

It can be used as, among other things, an alarm clock, digital photo frame, calculator, music player, and more. At only $179.95 plus free shipping to the USA I think I might have to make a cross-border shopping trip very very soon.

ok, back to work


Tizzalicious said...

That's so cute, I want one!

NathanKP said...

Unbelievable. Sounds really neat!

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