Sunday, March 16, 2008

My workspace - updated with ACEOs

Well the weekend has been productive. Not only did I somehow manage to find my desk amid the clutter, but I even got some work done!

Here is my next batch of ACEO paintings - I'm still adding to my "Welcome Spring" series, but I've also begun a new series of cats entitled "Quaint Cats". I'm using feminine colors for the backgrounds on these. I forgot to mask off a border on my Oriental (second from right on bottom row) so the paint will be covering the entire surface of that one. He's a funny character- I've emphasized the eyes a little more than usual to give it a pop art feel.

I had a commission to complete for AmyLynn today, featuring her four quirky cats. She sent me such wonderful photos to work from that I just had to paint more! So some of her cats have ended up for sale at my Etsy store. If you are looking for promotional items at a great price, check out AmyLynn's store: KittyCrossbones - you can order custom designed magnets, mirrors, matchbook notebooks - in very large quantities if needed.

And the best news of the day... Kelly, the editor over at ACEO Magazine, contacted me today because they want to feature me in the Spring publication. Could I be more excited? My husband joked over pancakes this morning that he'd never had a famous artist cook him breakfast before. We're a pretty kooky bunch here :-)
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Kittycrossbones said...

:D Your artwork is amazing! Thank you for doing the custom kitty portraits for me! :D

Christy DeKoning said...

Thank you Kitty - it was a lot of fun

tinee said...

oOh, this looks great! so mini, so detailed, so lovely and neat, a new fav!! makes me want to put out my watercolors immediately...
best wishes
tinee ^_^