Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moo Minicards


my long - awaited Moo minicards arrived from England today. Aren't they cute?

Here's what my little package contained:

100 cards
really sturdy plastic box
samples of stickers (I forgot to photograph them but they are too cute - now I have to order some)

....oh yeah, and that overpriced felt "supernana" card holder that I thought I just had to have in hot pink.

so maybe the felt is from special sheep? I don't know but $6.95 for something that took less than one scrap of felt top-stitched together? Buyer beware - rummage through your scrap fabric bag, grab a piece of felt (or any other cool material) and make one yourself.

Or better yet, find one ready made (for less!) on the ever-fabulous

Here's one I really like from DearSukie:

Now that is way more posh. I think I need one of those too :-)

another note I wanted to mention about the felt - it looks like it will get really grubby around the edges fairly quickly too - it's already a little dirty ***


duney said...

Very cute cards!
I will be playing at a really popular's like a tourist attraction in my city, not to mention a very, very cool place to buy beer. Thankfully I'll be 21 by then. Finally! haha

katelynjane said...

Oh! I've been thinking about ordering Moo cards! Yours are so cute! I love that holder too (: Maybe it's time for me to order some...

Christy DeKoning said...

The quality is unbelievable - so much better than business cards I've ordered at print shops here. It has a kind of "laminate" finish to them, super smooth a good thickness.

I can't wait to order more now! They took just a little over two weeks to get here (I ordered on Feb 22) and I didn't have to pay any duty.

twiddlestix said...

Ooooh Christy!! I love them! Maybe I should invest too. You are a great blogger...very fun to read!

Kittycrossbones said...

Your moo cards look great!

lin said...