A lake, trees, an island and more trees

Phew! I finished this 12x16 commissioned painting that's been keeping me busy for quite some time. I had to really plan the foreground tree foliage before I mixed up any paint, and I also had to make certain I mixed up ENOUGH paint so that it wouldn't run out and dry up during my wet-in-wet applications.

I'm not a big fan of masking fluid, but I really felt that this painting needed it. I painted the grasses and plants in the foreground with a yellow-green wash first, then "painted" some interesting, loose ferns and plants with masking fluid. I glazed on the warm brown colours and then removed the mask once the paint dried. I'm pleased with the result - I feel that I achieved the sparkling dance of light that I was aiming for.

Here is the reference photo - as you can see it was quite cluttered with trees and lacking in colour.


Michael said…
I love this painting! I have respect for people who can create water color paintings so well.
Hazy Mike said…
Amazing painting...
Unknown said…
thank you both so much. I enjoyed painting it. The reference photo was cluttered with too many trees, so it was a challenge deciding what to leave in and what to remove.
katelynjane said…
Wow. This blows me away!! You are SO talented!! I love it!
Anonymous said…
A very nice painting. You did a great job with keeping it focused and the colors. I like it alot.
Unknown said…
Rob, it's so funny you commented because yesterday I tried visiting your blog and it was gone!
Have you started a new one, or are you taking a break?
Anonymous said…
After extensive problems, I fired my ex-Hosting Company and moved all my "stuff" to a new company. I took the time to do alot of spring cleaning and reorganization.
Both these URLs work:

Sorry for the change.

I really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing!
Roderik Mayne said…
I came accross your blog (and this painting) by way of the extrodinary pencil. The painting is quite beautiful and a great example of a well handled, clean watercolour. It is so hard as a watercolourist to just let it alone! That is the key to preventing nuddy scratchy, overworked paintings.
Motif Design said…
Wow! This looks great! I always envy the artists that can paint so figuratively if you know what I mean I couldn't do that in a million years my paintings are always just something straight out of my head and something random;)

But this is absolutely gorgeous!

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