Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Imposter in the Chicken Coop

We went out to "the farm" last weekend to visit with my husband's father, affectionately known as Opa to all in the family. I forgot my camera and had to borrow one to take some photos of this wonderful old barn with the chickens all around. I got some great shots of the chickens, but imagine my surprise when this fellow showed up at the door!

I had a flashback to an old The Far Side cartoon that I just love (which I cannot find online surprisingly)... but maybe some of you will remember if I just say:

"...and now Edgar's gone, something's going on around here"

I'll be painting chickens, barns and a rhea someday soon I suspect.


katelynjane said...

I love this picture!! It actually looks like a painting, I can't wait to see your paintings of the chickens and such.

Christy DeKoning said...

I was thinking the same thing about it looking like a painting already.

syafisafiya-house said...
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syafisafiya-house said...

This picture is amazing..and you are also a brilliant artist. Some of your paintings are very impressive..painted like a true artist.. I notice that in your blog roll you had put a link to syafisafiya-house blog, but the url address is wrong. I think you should change it to, in there you will also find the link to syafisafiya blog where the kids update their daily activities in Brisbane. Thank U