Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday morning...back to work!

Yesterday was my youngest baby's 2nd birthday today I'm coming down off a sugar rush (yes, I said "I" because I know I ate more cake than Nathan)

It's back to work, so out came some sketches I made last week. Today I laid down the foundation for two new portraits. I like to work on several at a time because it means I can:

a) use up the extra paint I probably mixed...and

b) not lose my patience while waiting on a layer to dry...which means that:

c) I feel more productive (that is a very good feeling for me, who I admit, can be very prone to unproductiveness) (that may be a word I made up)

Because I spend a lot of time painting small portraits, it is always a nice change to get working on a big picture. I've got my mind working on a 22" square portrait idea for when I have time (lol)...but until then, my latest piece will have to do.

This portrait is 16 x 20, and I've placed the subject off to the side in a landscape format because it pleases me to do so ... if it works for Sue Dickinson, it has to be good!

I've laid down a lot more color (and way more cool tones) than I normally would at this stage of the game, but I'm having faith and being fearless. So far I've used Permanent Rose (I usually prefer Quinacridone Rose - but felt like a change today), New Gamboge, Yellow Ochre, & French Ultramarine. Oh, and that's a drop of Cadmium Red you can see brightening up the ear on the left.

This will work!

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