It's time to start blogging...

This has been a long time in the works, so bear with me as I tread this new ground with my elephant feet.

I've been working with watercolor since 1997. My need to expand on pen & ink and pencil sketches led me to look for a new medium. Oils were out - too much work to clean the brushes, which would inevitably mean that it would be too costly for me because:

a) I had a tendency towards laziness then (of course, I've cleaned up my act since then) which translates int
o the brushes piling up with hardened paint crusting the bristles, and of course I would have to run out and buy another brush

b) I had (and still have) expensive tastes for fine instruments. No dollar store brush would work for me (although now, I admit, I find cheap brushes have their uses here and there)

So that ruled out Acrylic too, leaving me with Watercolor. From there it has been a wonderful journey of discovery, and the learning never ends.

Join me on this journey and share your travels with me!


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