Thursday, February 21, 2008

Disaster in the kitchen

Some days I know I should just stay out of the kitchen...

I have had a recipe for a bacon and butternut squash casserole that I've wanted to try for a long time, but never had the foresight to buy the ingredients while shopping.

Today, I purchased my first butternut squash. I headed straight over to the "prepared" section, and sure enough they were all out of squash. Would diced potatoes do? I wondered...but to be safe I bought a nice-enough looking squash.

I chose Pancetta instead of bacon, and I splurged on "the right kind of cheese" (in this case, Provolone).

So while my youngest was dozing for his daytime nap, I tackled the squash. No easy feat...I searched the internet for "easy" methods of peeling the beast, but none helped. I was supposed to be consoled by the fact that Chefs have no more fun peeling squash than I do. Personally, I don't care whether or not they love their job. What I really wanted was pre-chopped squash.

After spending at least 45 minutes dicing and peeling this thing, into nice small pieces I might add - so that they were the same size as the noodles, I tossed them with some olive oil, basil and salt and onto a baking sheet.

45 minutes later (again) I had boiled the pasta, crisped the pancetta, shredded the provolone and sauteed the was time to remove my squash and add to the beautiful mix.

HORROR!!! Okay, I confess I maybe cut the squash smaller than the recipe called for...and maybe I should have opened the oven door and had a peek once in a while...but nonetheless, I had burnt squishy squash.

So tonight we are dining on macaroni & jarred sauce casserole with Provolone cheese on top :-)

(Nathan, my youngest, was the only one being creative's his little bit of color to add to the world)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chuckles! I can so relate. I gave up on squash a long time ago. A few days ago I bought a big bag of beautiful organic green beans and put them in the steamer thingee that goes on top of my pot. Then I got busy on the computer until I smelled something really awful. All the water had burned out and basically "smoked" the green beans and the pot. I stupidly tried to put some water in the blackened pot, which steamed up more bad smell into the air so I just opened the door and stuck the pot on the porch steps with the lid on it and switched to a tv dinner.

Christy DeKoning said...

Well now I don't feel quite so singularly incompetent. I've done that before too, then discovered the pot weeks later when the snow melted.

Lost In Wonder said...

Nathan is just a natural, quite the eye for color and composition.

I've forgotten pasta boiling and partially charcoaled it to the bottom of the pot. Throwing it outside wasn't an option, since I live on the 14th floor! :D