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Eastern Phoebe Watercolour Painting

 I did some early morning birding in one of my Atlas Squares yesterday, and was so happy to find a nesting pair of Red-tailed Hawks and another pair of Northern Flickers.  But the highlight for the artist in me was this Eastern Phoebe I encountered while I was coming up to a small bridge I frequent. I slowed down when I spotted this beauty watching me from where she was perched on the railing. Her gaze had so much character! I just had to paint her today, and all of the focus was on her expressive face. I’ve refreshed my palette recently, going back to a few of my old favourites like Rose Madder Genuine (it’s been years since I’ve used it and I forgot how beautiful it is) and adding in some Primatek mineral pigments like Mayan Blue Genuine and Amazonite.  Just look at how calming these colours are and how well they work together: If you’re curious about the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, you can read about it here : 

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